virtual summit

online visibility in 2018

Learn how to get visible online and propel your business forward!

February 16th - 18th


The Online Visibility virtual summit is all about how to help you skyrocket your business by getting seen and heard online.

If you are just starting out or if you already have a business and want to uplevel it, then this summit will teach you all the latest online marketing techniques for 2018.

We are going to be talking about all the ways to position yourself and your brand online so that you attract a steady stream of clients.

The summit guest speaker panel includes an incredible group of successful online business women who offer so much value and how to propel yourself forward.

You will learn:

  • How to have confidence when selling your services

  • Personal branding strategies

  • Social media techniques

  • Building your audience online

  • Using video to promote your brand

  • How to collaborate with influencers to build your email list

  • How to get clarity and focus to achieve success in your business

This is a three day summit that takes place:

February 16th, 17th & 18th


Your Host:
Alma Bradford

2018 is your opportunity to get clear and focused on your brand and who you serve so that you can accelerate your business growth.

The guest speakers that I am interviewing for this summit are going to share with you the exact strategies you can use to position your brand and business for success in 2018.

We'll be talking about online marketing strategies and getting visible through social media. We'll also discuss how to build confidence so that you can get seen and heard using video and live streaming to really propel your business forward.

A common theme you will hear throughout this summit is how important it is to have the right mindset and address some of your emotional blocks holding you back from really achieving success. This is a huge part of what will be addressed with specific solutions on how to overcome these roadblocks.

speaker lineup:


Veronica Mesuraca

Veronica Mesuraca will be speaking about realizing your personal brand by defining who you are (and want to become), capitalizing on what makes you stand out and by learning how to present yourself to be able to connect with your audience and grow your business.
Veronica is a Coach and Personal Branding Strategist for international and enthusiastic professionals in leadership and solo-entrepreneurs who are ready to step up and learn how to present themselves in a clear, confident and conscious way to stand out, connect, inspire and advance in their career and business. Her website is:




Lizz Summers

Lizz Summers is going to talk to us about how to do public speaking through Facebook lives, Youtube videos and webinars. 

She will break down the psychology behind the fear of public speaking, even if its online. She'll also provide tips on the mental prep you can do to get comfortable on camera.

Lizz is a professional voice and public speaking coach for women entrepreneurs and professionals. Learn more about Lizz on her website:


Stacie Walker

Stacie Walker will be speaking about the power of collaboration for building a powerful brand and really growing your business. She will explain how to amplify your marketing message to increase your online visibility efforts so you can work smarter not harder. She'll also show us how too join forces with successful entrepreneurs to further accelerate the growth of your business and bank account.

Stacie is an business strategist and coach who helps busy women entrepreneurs how to work smarter, avoid burnout and really grow their brand online to attract their dream clients and customers. Stacie's website is:


Charique Richardson

Charique Richardson will be speaking about how to sell with confidence so that you can charge what you are worth. She'll explain the mindset work that needs to be done in order to build confidence so that you can sell with ease and not under charge.

Charique is a sales coach for purpose driven, female entrepreneurs. She coaches women on how to charge what they are worth, charge premium prices so that they can take on fewer clients and have more time to do the things that they love. Learn more about Charique on her website:


Caz Wilson

Caz Wilson shows us how to use Pinterest to increase your website traffic and grow your email list. She also explains how to brand your boards so that you attract more followers. 

A digital entrepreneur and founder of Social Kitchen Media, Caz Wilson has worked in marketing and social media for over 10 years. She is dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs flourish online and grow their business by helping them find paying clients through their social media. You can learn more about Caz here:

Violeta Potter.jpg

Violeta Potter

Violeta Potter talks about how to tell your brand story by overcoming your limiting beliefs about how far you can go in your business.

She also shares how to communicate your personal story through the right content so that you can attract your ideal client.

Violeta is a vision coach and conversion strategist who has a vision that having women of color in highest levels of leadership and economic power will lead to racial and gender equality. She serves this vision by pairing high-level mindset and business consulting with conversion strategy and copywriting to women of color and the allies who support this cause. You can get in touch with her through her website


Myown Holmes

Myown Holmes will go over how to network in Facebook groups and on social media to find your dream clients. Myown runs a social media agency called Socially Polished. She started her business while she was working a full-time job.

Her strategies to network and build relationships is what has helped her accelerate her business. She will be explaining how to create genuine relationships with potential clients before selling. 

You can learn more about Myown at her website:


Madelaine "Super Sidekick" Gordon

Madelaine Gordon has built her business by focusing on being her authentic self and in this summit, she will explain exactly how to do this in your business.

Madelaine started her business with nothing, no contacts, no big following. What she did was quickly build up a client base of 9 monthly engagements and now she has a small team of assistants helping her each month. 

She is going to teach you how to use your authentic brand to stand apart from the competition and attract clients who really want to work with you. 

Learn more about Madelaine here: 


Juliette Stapleton

Juliette is a visibility strategist who teaches women entrepreneurs how to show up authentically and attract clients that will know, like and trust them and eventually pay them!

In her talk, Juliette is going to explain how to use Facebook videos and live streams to attract your ideal client and build up an audience that will eventually become your paying clients.

You can learn more about Juliette here:

This is a 3 day summit. Each day will feature 3-4 speakers. The summit will be available to watch for 24 hours on each day from February 16th - 18th (Friday - Sunday).

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