The GPN Affiliate Program

We offer an affiliate program for current members of the Get Paid Network. Being an affiliate allows you to earn commission for each new person that you sign up for the program.

When you sign up, you will receive a special affiliate link that you can share with other people. If people sign up through this link, their purchase will be tracked and you will be able to receive a monthly commission as long as the purchase remains a paying member of GPN.

Affiliate Commission:

As an affiliate you get to earn 50% commission on monthly subscriptions. This is after fees are deducted for payment processing.

When are Affiliates Paid?

We pay you 30 days after a purchase is made on the first of the month. This is to ensure that no charge backs are made by the purchaser.

So, for example, on March 1, you would receive a payment for all course purchases that took place in the month of January. Then, on April 1, you are paid for purchases made in the month of February, and so on. 

How Are Affiliates Paid?

We will pay you through PayPal. When you join, you will need to send us your PayPal email in order to receive payment.

How do I get People to join?

The best way to get people to sign up for the program is to start a newsletter and grow your email list. People like to buy from people who they know like and trust.

If you form a relationship with your online audience by sending out a regular newsletter and then promoting the Get Paid Network, people are more likely to sign up.

As an affiliate, you will be provided with training on different ways you can promote the program.

How Can I Become an Affiliate?

Fill out this affiliate application to be considered for the program:

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