What Services to Offer As a Social Media Manager

Are you interested in becoming a social media manager but you are confused about the services you should offer.

One thing I can tell you is that you do NOT have to offer every service out there.

A lot of new social media managers feel that they need to know everything in order to get started and that simply is not the case.

You can start your social media management business by just offering a few services at the beginning.

When I started out as a new social media manager, I only offered posting on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Later on as I got more clients, I started offering Instagram management and Pinterest marketing services.

Now my mini agency does content marketing, blogging, copywriting, email marketing along with social media management.

But this didn’t happen overnight.

It was a step-by-step process.


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You Don’t Have to Know Everything

Some people who are interested in starting their SMM are afraid to get started because they feel they have to be experts before they approach clients.

I started my business with ZERO experience and actually learned while I got paid by clients.

What I recommend is to start of helping clients with social media platforms you feel comfortable with at first.

If you like Instagram, start with that.

If you find yourself spending a lot of time on Pinterest, offer that as a service.

You can start out with simple social media posting and then as you get more experience, you can add on a few new services.

It’s all about learning and growing. 

It’s not going to happen overnight.

I am going to show you the many different services you can offer.

However, you don’t have to offer all of them.

You can pick and chose the services you want to specialize in.

And it’s okay to say NO to clients and tell them that you don’t offer everything.

Overtime, you will be known for being good at specific things.

Let’s get started with a list of some basic services you can offer in your business.

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Posting on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin:

You can manage your client's social media accounts by posting content like blog articles, images and videos. The content you share on these platforms need to be created with a target audience in mind.

Facebook Group Admin:

Businesses are using Facebook groups to create fans and sell products and services. It takes a lot of work to add members and get them active in the group. 

Instagram engagement and visibility:

Companies need help with posting regularly on Instagram and also growing a following. You can create custom images with free tools like Canva. 

Pinterest Management:

There's lots of work handling Pinterest accounts and pinning every day. You can help setup and optimize Pinterest business accounts, setup rich pins and create images for each pin.


Many times, you clients will ask you to also write blog posts. This is a great opportunity to generate additional income. 

Facebook Ads:

This is more of an advanced skill set. But if you learn how to run Facebook ads for clients, there's lots of potential for growing your business in this area.


Copywriting involves knowing how to write persuasive written text that involves selling. You can write copy for website pages, landing pages, sales pages, product descriptions and email sales funnels. You could also charge a lot more money if you decided to add this service. 

Graphic Design and Website Design:

When I started my social media business, some of my clients asked me to help them build a website. This is something that if you don't know how to do, you can also outsource. I hired other freelancers to help me design a logo and Wordpress websites for my clients. 

Grow Followers on Social Media

If you aren’t helping your clients grow their followers, your work is totally USELESS.

If your client has 50 followers and you are just posting content, hardly anyone will see their posts…..and what’s the point.

You can grow followers for free on:  

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

  • Pinterest

With Facebook, to get a lot of followers on a business page requires that you spend some money on ads and boosted posts. 

Help Your Clients Create Content

You should research the target audience of your clients so that you can understand what type of content will attract the right customers. You also need to schedule enough content each month. 

Being able to create the content for you clients like graphics, blog posts or regular social media posts, can really go a long way to impressing your clients and maintaining a long last relationship with them.

Get Engagement on Your Posts

In order for people to see your social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, it helps to have engagement on them.

More engagement means more visibility.

The Facebook and Instagram algorithm favors posts with more engagement and will rank those higher on the newsfeed.

You can help your clients get more visibility by creating posts that get likes, comments and shares to increase engagement.

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