How to Get Your First Social Media Client With No Experience

So you want to get paid to manage social media accounts as a full-time business.

But you don’t have experience or a portfolio that you can show a potential client.

I was in your exact same position years ago and I did a few things that helped me get my first paying client and then more clients after that.

One of the biggest fears that new social media managers have is:  How will I get my first paying client when I have zero experience doing this as a business?

I have a few techniques you can use to help you land that first paying client which I will explain in this article.

You Need a Portfolio

The main thing that is going to sell your services as a social media manager is your past experience and examples of social media accounts you’ve managed in the past.

But what if you don’t have a portfolio or experience?

You need to focus on building that portfolio first so that you can use this to feel confident pitching your services to business owners.

So what you can do is two things:

  1. Work for free for a very short time frame.

  2. Offer to do low cost work.

These two techniques should only be used temporarily. And you need to have the mindset that you are only doing this to build a portfolio and get some experience.

After you do this for one or two clients, then the next client you talk to, make sure you charge them a real fee for your work. 


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Working for Free

What you can do is offer to manage another business owner’s social media accounts for free for a short time.

Make sure you communicate to this person that you would like to help them for free in order to build our portfolio.

Many business owners will gladly accept and understand your motive because at one time they were starting their business with no experience.

Secondly, people love free things, so you won’t get people turning you down.

You can go into Facebook groups for entrepreneurs and create a post letting people you are available to help for free. (Make sure you follow the group guidelines for posting).

You can also go into LinkedIn groups and share your free service. 

Also ask your family and friends if you can help manage their social media accounts to get your experience.

In addition, you can volunteer with non-profits and charities and offer to help them for free as well.

Offer to Work for a Low Cost

Another technique I used when I first started out as a social media manager was to do work but for a very low fee.

I used freelancer websites like Upwork and I would sometimes write blog posts for as low as $10 per post along with other social media services.

I had the mindset that I was only doing this temporarily to build up a portfolio of work and get experience. 

After doing this for about 3 clients, I started raising my prices. 

The next client I worked with, I had a nice portfolio of work to show them and I felt confident that I new what I was doing.

This was the confidence I needed to also raise my prices.

Sell With Confidence

The best way to sell your social media services is to be confident when talking to prospective clients.

You need to show them that you know what you are talking about. 

And the only way to know what you are talking about is to have experience.

Experience is a big confidence booster.

Offer Free Consultations

Okay so now that you have a small portfolio and some experience, how do you get actual paying clients?

What you need to do is offer a free consultation phone call when you talk to a business owner, listen to their problems with social media and then give them suggestions on what they should do.

Here’s the thing, most small business owners have no clue about managing their social media accounts.

What they need is for someone else who can tell them what to do and how to do it.

They would also prefer to hire another person to manage their social media profiles because it’s just too time consuming. 

So during your free consultation call, you want to show them that you are an expert at social media and demonstrate you know what you are talking about.

People only want to do business with those who they know, like and trust.

If you can show them that they can trust you by talking to them over the phone and being helpful, you will be the first person they have in mind when they are ready to hire someone and they’ll also refer you to other people.

Where to Find Potential Clients?

Here is a quick breakdown of where to find clients for your social media management business:

  • At local business networking events in your city

  • Through your local business chamber of commerce or business association group

  • By asking friends and family if they know anyone who needs help with social media

  • In Facebook groups for business owners

  • In Linkedin groups and through connecting with business owners on that platform

  • By sending cold emails to businesses you find online

  • Through freelance platforms like Upwork

  • Through co-working spaces

  • Through blogging

  • Through your email list

These are just a few ideas on where you can network and find clients.

Ultimately is about building up a relationship with other business owners, letting them know you are an expert at social media.

If you want to learn more about becoming a social media manager, I have a free guide that shows you what you need to do this full-time.

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