How I Grew My Pinterest Account to Over 100k Page Views

If you have a business and you aren’t growing an email list, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

An email list is one of main ways I have been able to grow my business income and profits.

I recently decided that I wanted to start using Pinterest to grow my blog traffic and also my email list.

Before this year, I mainly used Facebook Ads and my Facebook group to grow my list. 

However, paying for Facebook Ads can be expensive so I decided to start trying Pinterest to get website traffic to my blog.

I started my Pinterest journey very casually in early January of 2018.

At that time, I was barely pinning.

But in June of 2018 is when I REALLY got serious about Pinterest.

Within three months, I was able to grow my page views to over 103,000. 

I also got about 400 new email list subscribers just from Pinterest and my blog. 

Right now, I’m at 125,000 page views and getting 5 - 10 new email list signups per day.

These are free emails….where I didn’t have to pay for Facebook Ads….so I am super excited about that.

I get to save money while growing my business!

In this article, I am going to break down the exact steps I used to grow my Pinterest account and grow my email list for free.


Create Optins on Your Blog Posts

In order to grow your email list through Pinterest, you need to create a few “lead magnets”. 

This can be a free worksheet, a training video, an eBook or a template.

This is also called a “content upgrade”.  

The lead magnets will help you grow your list and attract people who are interested in what you have to sell.

These lead magnets need to be on a topic related to what you sell in your business.

If you are a website designer, your lead magnet could be a free guide to Wordpress Themes for Beginners.

If you are a fitness coach then your lead magnet could be 5 Easy Meal Plans for Weight Loss.

You can use some Canva templates to create nice looking PDFs.

Optimize Your Blog

The next step is to optimized all of your blog posts with the right lead magnet. 

Inside of each blog post I have a place where people can optin to download a free PDF worksheet or a training. 

This is one of the most important steps in this process because just getting website traffic won’t help your business.

You need visitors to your website to join your newsletter so that later on your can invite them back to read more of your content.

Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Make sure that you use SEO keywords in your Pinterest profile bio. Use a professional picture of yourself as well. 

Create Pinterest boards related to what your business is focused on. I provide Social Media Marketing and training, so most of my boards are related to those themes.

In your profile, add a link to your website and even add a free resources page where people can go and download your free options.

Create Multiple Pinterest Images for Each Blog Post

I created about 3 or more Pinterest images for each of my blog posts so that I could split test which ones did the best.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. So the colors you use and the fonts really matter. Try to create images that are eye catching.

Bright colors can really get your pins noticed as well.

I use Canva to create images for Pinterest. They even have templates you can use to make this process easy.

I actually have a FREE Pinterest Checklist to help you grow your account. You can download it here.


Join Group Boards

Pinterest group boards can really help you get more repins faster. I joined over 10 group boards. 

Make sure that you join only the boards that are related to your niche. 

Be careful to follow the board rules and do not spam the group with too many pins too quickly.

Use a Pinterest Scheduler

I used a scheduling tool called Tailwind to pin 50 times per day. 

Tailwind saves me a lot of time. I only spent about 1 hour per month pre-scheduling all of my pins for the entire month.

When I first started for the first couple of weeks I only pinned about 10 - 20 times per day. 

After a month, I increased my pins to 50 per day. I recommend that you start out SLOWLY.

This can protect your account from getting shut down as spam.

Pin 50% of Your Blog Posts and 50% Other Pins

Make sure that you pin both your own blog posts and also other pins from other accounts. 

I split this half and half. 

So half is my blog post pins and the other half is pins related to my niche like social media marketing, Instagram and Pinterest tips, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and anything teaching people about social media.

For some people Pinterest marketing can seem intimidating.

That’s why I put together this simple Pinterest Checklist which will walk you through all the steps I used to grow my own Pinterest profile and email list.

Download it here.


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