Fastest way to get a steady stream of clients

Finding new clients and marketing your services can be a big struggle for new consultants and freelancers.

You might feel like finding new clients seems overwhelming but its not that difficult. 

Clients are everywhere, you just have to develop the right strategy, discover what works for you and then stick to your strategy.

Define Who Your Target Market Is

This is the first step in the process.

You need to be clear about what type of client you will help.

Will you focus on helping Dentists or Accountants? Will you be targeting people who own restaurants? 

Be very specific about who you are going to help and what their problems are.

In the beginning, if you aren't sure about how you are going to help, then just start helping everyone.

This will help you decide over time and through real experience, who you would like to work with and which industries are more profitable. 

The other benefit is that once you know who your target market it, this makes it easier to find out where they hang out.

Set Realistic Goals for Yourself

You may have big dreams but in order to get anything done you need to be able to meet your goals so you stay motivated.

Start by breaking up your goals into manageable tasks with deadlines for each.

What type of promotion will you do? Will you write blog posts and send out a newsletter?

Will you create a series of webinars and invite potential clients.

Will you attend in person networking events? 

Pick a marketing and sales strategy that works for your personality and your availability.

Do Quality Work

Do a really good job for any client you work with. 

This way they can refer you to other people.

Doing a good job will also keep them coming back for more each month.

Get Visible

You need to get in front of people so that you can tell them what to do. Then you need to establish a relationship with them. 

So what you can do online to get visibility is to create Youtube training videos to show off your expertise. 

Choose a topic that you know really well and do a presentation on it. 

You can also do a Facebook live stream on your personal page or your business page.

Linkedin also has video now, so take advantage of that platform also.

Write Blog Articles

I had people find me through my own blog that I have for my content marketing company 360 Content Pro. 

I shared my blog posts all over social media.

People found my content and starting reaching out to me.

Blogging is a great way to demonstrate your expertise.

Your blog posts should provide education and help solve a problem that your ideal client is facing.

Grow Your Social Following

Build up your followers on Twitter, Instagram and connect with more people on Linkedin.

You can also share your blog articles on Twitter.

Build your Email List

This is a really powerful way to get new clients. Send out newsletters with content like your blog articles. 

You can also invite people on your list to your webinars and then sell to them.

Host Live Webinars

You can host a live training webinar to potential clients and then give them an offer to try out your services at the end. 

What works best is to create a special discount so that they can try out your services.

You want to let them know that there's a limited time to take advantage. 

Network in Person

This is a great way to build strong relationships and get get high quality clients.

You can join local networking events and collect business cards.

This is really effective when you are just starting out.

Network Online

Join a few Facebook groups where your target market hangs out.

For example, if you mainly help real estate agents, join a group just for them.

Answer their questions and be helpful. Read the group rules on what type of posts are allowed (so you don't get kicked out).

There are a lot of different ways to find clients. Choose what method you feel most comfortable with.

Once you find some success using a specific method...just rinse and repeat.

About The Author   Alma Bradford teaches freelancers and consultants how to outsource and do project management in order to scale their business at:

About The Author

Alma Bradford teaches freelancers and consultants how to outsource and do project management in order to scale their business at:

Alma Bradford

I help people start profitable online businesses that let them achieve location independence, freedom and happiness!