How Sydne Made $11,000 Within 60 Days Launching Her Group Program

In this video, I share how my client Sydne Tillman made $11,000 within a period of 60 days launching her group coaching program.

Sydne started a program teaching people how to make money selling on Amazon and Shopify.

For a while, Sydne was just giving out free and low cost advice to friends who wanted to learn how to do it.

She decided to join my program Business Accelerator.

I helped her create her signature program, pricing strategy and her launch plan.

She used my techniques to utilize her very small audience and her Micro-Influence to sell her program and within the first month she made $5,000.

I taught her how to creating persuasive social media content to promote her program and how to best utilize her small facebook group.

Faster forward to 60 days later and she made around $11,000.

This video explains how the Business Accelerator coaching program helped her change her mindset towards selling.

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