Alma Bradford

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I'm Alma Bradford and I teach consultants and freelancers how to grow a profitable business through social media and personal branding.

A little bit about me, I started my own digital marketing company called 360 Content Pro a few years ago. I ran marketing campaigns for global companies and startup businesses. My team and I manage social media, handled public relations and did SEO to help our clients grow an audience online.

With my background as a digital marketer, I also started coaching and mentoring some of my clients on how to build an online audience and get more visible online in order to sell their services and products.

While running my marketing company, I also did management consulting and project management for technology teams building mobile apps and website tools.

My background in project management gave me the skills to manage my own team for my business. I was so fortunate to have a great virtual team who helped manage client work after I taught them what I knew about project management.

I was able to only spend 3 hours a week working on my business this way.

That experience inspired me to start teaching other business owners how to grow and scale their own service based business and also sell digital products.

I now have a membership site and online courses to help people start and grow their own profitable service business that they can work from home or from anywhere in the world.

It's all about creating a freedom lifestyle that gives you the flexibility to be available to your family and have more time to travel and invest in yourself.

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